Who is First Choice Technology?

We are a national telecommunications company providing business clients with scalable, cost effective solutions since 2004.  First Choice Technology provides solutions for customers based throughout the US and Canada.

How do we accomplish this?

Our team of technology professionals engage customers in a consultative process that seeks to identify their key business requirements and effectively meet those requirements through a wide array of aggressively priced voice and data solutions.

How do we do this in a cost efficient way?

Over the past decade we have developed a robust and diverse network of  telecommunications resources that allow us to bring the most cost efficient set of solutions to our clients regardless of geographical location or service required.

So how are we different than other technology companies / telecom companies?

From the beginning, we have staffed our customer support organization with long tenured, experience individuals.  Our staff is both deep in experience and extraordinarily responsive to customer needs from the get go.  This expertise and personal engagement equates to quick resolution of complex problems for our clients.

Can we scale with our customer’s growing needs?

We have excelled at assisting our clients in their next growth steps.  We have helped our customers expand their networks and communications systems to incorporate new locations within the US and internationally as well.  We have also provided guidance and expert advice as our clients have grown in their need to integrate voice and data services over unified, robust networks.  Our customers include banks, hospitals, national media companies and a wide range of other businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

What are the primary products we offer to our customers?

Hosted Business VoIP / Hosted Business SIP Trunking

We offer customers scalable, cost effective Hosted Business VoIP phone service.  Our Hosted Business SIP trunking product allows companies to utilize their existing phone system while lowering costs.  We also carry a full range of Polycom VoIP phones and easily interface with other VoIP phones (Cisco, etc.) that may already be present.

Internet Bandwidth / Data

Along with the Hosted Business VoIP and Hosted Business SIP Trunking services we also provide a full range of network and bandwidth solutions.  These include Integrated T1, NxT1, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet data connections.  For multi-location accounts we can help design and implement MPLS and IP-VPN network solutions.